Anxiety coaching for teens and adults
by coach Marina Andersen

Supporting your personal growth and well-being

I’m Marina Andersen, owner of Academic-M. I am a former anxiety patient, currently working as a teacher, and coach. I help people to improve their mental health and overcome fears.

My goal:

To make your life easier and happier.

My mission:

To help people achieve mental and physical well-being, by challenging their old behavioral patterns and beliefs and educating them on their condition. Using new and unique methods, I will help you resolve chronic problems as you learn to identify and eliminate stressors and build new skills. After the course you can apply these effective tools to almost every area of your life.

Stay strong, Marina


Coach Marina Andersen

Coaching areas

As a coach, I understand the variety of challenges individuals face with anxiety-related issues. My approach is to treat each case with the highest level of sensitivity and care. For social anxiety, I recognize the fears and challenges that come with engaging with others, and work to build confidence through practical exercises and step-by-step exposure techniques. Health anxiety requires a more nuanced approach, where I focus on shifting the individual’s perceptions around their health while providing tools to manage the anxiety. Test anxiety is often a result of fearful self-talk, which can be addressed through cognitive restructuring exercises. For generalised anxiety, I focus on building resilience and stress reduction techniques. Panic attacks require relaxation techniques and education on the physical symptoms. For eating disorders, my approach is to build self-esteem, practice mindful eating, and establish a healthy relationship with food. Lastly, I work on building self-esteem through compassionate self-talk and effective goal-setting.

Join my popular anxiety group

Academic-M’s Anxiety support Facebook group is a valuable online community designed to help individuals who are struggling with anxiety-related issues. By joining this group, members can connect with like-minded people who share similar challenges, feel supported, and understood. The group is moderated by me and provides resources, tips, and tools to help members manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being.
The benefits of joining this Facebook group include access to a safe and confidential space where members can share their struggles, receive encouragement, and learn from others’ experiences. Moreover, the group allows members to improve their communication skills, build self-confidence, reduce isolation and loneliness, and gain a sense of empowerment. Joining this online community can be an effective way to seek emotional support, enhance personal growth, and reduce anxiety symptoms, ultimately promoting mental health and quality of life.


"Educate yourself on your condition to manage anxiety. It can help you feel better and have a successful recovery."